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Sep 13, 2006 10:49 PM

Nice/Star watching

Looking for a nice( not too expensive) restaurant downtown for dinner saturday- added bonus if there is the possibility of seeing any of the stars in town for the Festival

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  1. What kind of food do you prefer? What is the maximum you want to spend?

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    1. re: Food Tourist

      Looking for something along the Bistro lines- steak frites, mussels, that sort of thing- 50-75$/person

    2. Bistro 990 across the street from the Sutton Place Hotel offers French fare and the usual celeb in town for the festival. Or there's Sassafraz in Yorkville but I'm not a huge fan of the place myself...

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      1. re: cookbook

        Thanks for the recommendations- I think we will give bistro 990 a try

      2. Skip Sotto Sotto. Please. They treat non-stars like garbage. Unless you like being ignored and talked down to by staff who seem to take pleasure in making all the other tables feel like second class citizens.

        That said, after my experience at Sotto Sotto earlier this year, I wouldn't bother with any place that caters to the famous and fabulous, especially during the TIFF. For my money, I'd buy a People and head to my favourite restaurant for really great food and warm Zucca or someplace nice. Or you could cruise Bloor for a while looking for stars and then step into Bar Mercurio for a great thin crust pizza...but I digress...what ever floats your boat...have fun:)