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Sep 13, 2006 10:29 PM


I was recently flying Virgin Airlines and had a delicious drink I would like to make at home. Virgin called the drink a "Bramble". It was gin based, with crushed ice and either had muddled blackberries or some sort of blackberry cordial in it. I dont know what, if any other ingredients it contained. It might have had a twist of lemon.

In any event, the blackberry did a great job of bringing out some of the different essences in the gin, while softening the gin considerably. Certainly not the drink I would want if I were in the mood for a martini, but a very nice alternative to the G&T, gimlet, etc if you are looking for a nice summer afternoon drink. Anyone able to help me with the recipe?

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  1. I found the recipe online by searching for bramble and gin. The recipe is also in both "Craft of the Cocktail" and "The Art of Mixology". Looks good! I would reprint, but I'm sure there are copyright issues.

    1. in NYC, ROYAL OAK offers blackberry brambles. They are delicious when made with care using a blackberry brandy & muddled berries & gin!

      royal oak is on union b/n mccarren park & the BQE

      1. TJ47: We have a bramble on the site. Check it out: