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Sep 13, 2006 10:23 PM

burger @ gargoyles?

The burger I used to get at Dedo's a couple years back was the best I've ever eaten. A little Chowhound archival research reveals that the Dedo's chef of those days, one Jason Santos, subsequently moved to Gargoyles on Davis. Does this mean I can get the same burger at Gargoyles? The bun was relatively thin & did not readily get soggy. It came with ambrosial homemade ketchup & mayonnaise and toothsome fries.

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  1. Edebud - I haven't had the burger at Gargoyles in awhile (and never had the burger at Dedo), but based on the bar menu description at their website, it does sound similar to what you describe!

    1. Never had the burger at Dedo, but D gets the burger at Gargoyle's pretty regularly and loves it. The fries seem ordinary at best.

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      1. re: gini

        The burger at Gargoyles is great and I found the fries to be above average. I most like that the burger is perfectly seasoned ... doesn't require any additional salting or peppering on the plate. Mmmmmmmmmmm

        I didn't notice the thin bun. But regardless, the burger is definitely worth checking out.

        1. re: yumyum

          The blue cheese, bacon & ranch fries, on the other hand, I would leave the house for. My goodness those are good:).