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Sep 13, 2006 09:40 PM

South Bay Business Dinner

Some business guests will be in town tomorrow evening. Are there any recommendations for a business dinner for a group of youngish, chowish folks? Would prefer a lively place that has a good bar and vibrant atmosphere (no suits). They are staying in Manhatton beach, but the offices are in Torrance so any good place in the South Bay will be welcomed!

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  1. michi or avenue in manhattan beach are my favorites... but michi can get pretty noisy as the evening progresses

    1. Last time I was at Fonz's in Manhattan Beach it was very lively and good for a younger, non-suited, crowd:

      1. Depot and Christine are two of the more upscale restaurants in the Torrance area (Depot is near Old Town Torrance and Christine is right at the base of RPV).

        I've enjoyed my meals at both. When I was at Depot, I saw more than a few groups of businessmen chowing down on steak, if that means anything.



        1. Musha in Torrance (Carson/Western near Mitsuwa) might prove to be an interesting place.

          1. consider Houstons too. Had a good meal there last week. French Dip!