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Sep 13, 2006 09:37 PM

Last Visit to NYC for New Parents

My husband and I are adopting twin boys that will be arriving in just a few weeks. For a last fling weekend we are coming from San Francisco to our favorite city in the world (yes, NYC) THIS WEEKEND! :)

Some restaurants we have been to in the past and enjoyed are:

Spice Market
John's pizza
Verbena and Nolita - which are no longer open
Mercer Kitchen
Union Square Cafe (yes, I know, hotly debated but we loved it)

I'd love suggestions for a few places to make this visit memorable. Specifically, we need a drinks recommendation in Williamsburg, a late-ish dining option downtown for the evening we arrive (appx 10) (we are staying at the Marriott Marquis but will travel) and one real "destination spot" for our last dinner on Monday night.

Incidentially, my husband used to work with Chef Daniel Humm at Campton Place in San Francisco, so thinking of 11 Madison.... I was also thinking of Jewel Bako (love Japanese food), del posto or Bar Americano, but reviews of the last two have been less than steller on these boards after some basic searches???

I am a new poster - so thanks in advance!

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  1. For the night you arrive I would recommend Hearth or The Red Cat (checked on and both available late friday night if thats when you're arriving).

    For the destination spot you could definitely do 11 Madison Park (checked on and its wide open monday evening).

    1. What about Casa Mono the night you get in? Or Momofuku Noodle Bar?

      Any interest in Le Bernardin for your big night out, or is that too formal? The food is heavenly.

      1. for billyburg drinks ...

        marlow & sons, right near the bridge, on broadway - get a table outside, the cured meats & cheese selections are fantastic, and great oyster bar.

        spuyten duyvil, on metropolitan - amazing beer & wine selection, also sake. kinda quirky bar area and nice outdoor garden in the back.

        moto, on broadway, near hewes - good for inexpensive bottle of wine and aps, have live music every night.

        1. Ge in/late night: Mas (kitchen open until 4 am/after hours chef hangout)

          Special night: definitely 11 Mad Park! if they worked together, open on Monday nights (though they just raised prices for tasting menus


          Avoid Jewel Bako--going through changes at the moment, you can get better sushi in SF.

          Also, if you liked Town, you might like Country, Zakarian's more recent place. Spanish tapas/small plates are hot in NYC at the moment: Tia Pol, Degustation, Tasting Room, Casa Mono, etc are all good choices.

          1. I don't understand why Jewel Bako has gotten good reviews. We found it totally uninteresting and overpriced. Mercer Kitchen has, it seems, gone downhill. Wallse in the Village is good and different as it's upscale schnitzel and other delicious main dishes with fabulous desserts. I wasn't nuts about 11 Park. Tia Pol is good but you sit on stools and it's not particularly comfortable. Casa Mono has delicious tapas but it's hard to get into. We like Bolo for paella, delicous margaritas and the place is beautiful though not formal.