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Sep 13, 2006 09:23 PM

Something wonderful with almond paste and stone fruit?

Nectarines are still at peak, as are pluots (but apricots had their typically fleeting season, or even shorter, this year). Any recipes with almond paste and/or ground almonds, perhaps something easy like a galette?

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  1. This recipe for Upside Down Plum Cake uses plums and almond extract, not paste, but it is wonderful! It's a really easy recipe too. Everyone I make this for loves it!

    1. I'd make a tart shell, spread a bit of almond paste on the bottom, arrange some thinly sliced fruit on top and glaze with some melted jelly. I guess you could thin out the almond paste with some whipped cream or pastry cream if you wanted but I bet it would be fine by itself.

      1. Same vein, but simpler - a rustic puff pastry tart - roll out dough, score edge, bush with melted butter, drop fruit and blobs of almond paste in random pattern all over, sprinkle a bit of vanilla sugar on top & bake. Yum.

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            There is a recipe in Bittman's How to Cook Everything that is wonderful--free-form tart, I think. I've made exactly this recipe with pears and almond paste and some chopped toasted almonds for crunch. It was delicious!

          2. I recently made a good tart with Damson plums. The crust was Rose Levy Berenbaum's sweet cookie crust, but any short-bread-like crust would work (you could even add a bit of almond extract for extra almond umph). I then mixed some diced plums with about 1 t of corn starch and some sugar (to your taste-- my plums were pretty tart) and spread it on the crust, then sliced the rest and arranged them in a nice circular pattern (a la tarte tatin). Then I made (in the food processor) a kind of marzipan streusal with brown sugar, butter, marzipan and a bit of salt (recipe for the streusel is on Epicurious). I sprinkled the crumbles on the tarte and baked until golden. It came out beautifully. I had streusal leftover and Mr. Procrastibaker put them on top of oatmeal this morning then slipped it under the broiler to brown. Yum!

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              Oh, heavens! Streusel on oatmeal sounds too delicious! I can't wait to try this on the weekend. Thanks for the tip!

            2. One of the good things that came out of a dinner party which left me semi-crazed was a magnif plum tart/torte. It had a dough with lots of butter, almond meal or ground almonds, eggs, flour, sugar all molded into the bottom of a fluted tart pan. It's then refrig for at least 2 hours to overnight. Then in go cut up plums (and pluots in my case) and it's topped with a sort of crumble crust with ground almonds, almond paste, sugar, flour etc. It's amazing.

              If anybody wants the recipe, let me know.

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                  Yes, please. Almonds in both the dough and the topping sounds wonderful; your guests must have been semi-crazed with pleasure.