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Sep 13, 2006 09:18 PM

Apple dumplings?

Kind of random but I am desperately missing the amish apple dumplings sold in Philadelphia. Has anyone had the ones at Zaftigs? at the Cheesecake Factory? How are they? Know of any other places that sell them? I had a dissapointing one on a whim at Charlie's Kitchen.

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  1. Not quite dumplings but very much worth a try are the apple tarts at Clear Flour bakery in Brookline. A thick square of rich buttery pastry (paté sucreé, not puff) with a big dollop of spiced apple chunks in the center, the corners folded in so they almost (but not quite) cover the filling, baked brown and crispy. Yum! They make individual tarts and also a larger size that serves 4 - 6.

    1. I really love the Cheesecake Factory ones. They are enormous and very expensive --I think $6.50 each. But the butter crust is yummy and studded with big sugar crystals. The apple is soft, not mushy and full of spiced raisins where the core used to be. Please tell me, if you have one, if it is anything like those you knew and loved. You can get them as take out. If you find some that are perfection, I'd love to hear. Good luck finding a worthy substitute.

      1. I had the apple dumpling at Zaftig's. It was decent. Tasty, very heavy. I would probably have enjoyed it more if I hadn't just eaten a big sandwich. :)

        1. About a month ago, Trader Joe's had Chudleighs Apple Blossoms. It was in the frozen section but was delicious after a quick heat. I prefer it with vanilla ice cream. You get for 4 for under $5 (can't remember the exact price).

          1. The Apple Barn stand at the Copley Farmer's market sells them individually. I'm not sure of the price.