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La Grenouille

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Going on Saturday night and was wondering if anyone had been there in the last year, and/or had any recos for what to order.

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  1. ris de veau
    chocolate souffle

      1. Cuisses de Grenouille-what else?

        1. Cannelle de Brochette

          1. Tacos.

            Ha ha...just kidding. Absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!

            I second the Dover Sole...yum

            1. Thanks all--I have been wanting to try this place for years. I used to walk past it on the way to work, and I would see someone in their arranging flowers every morning . . . so I decided it would be the perfect place to celebrate my mother's birthday . . . now I am that much more excited.

              1. Looking back, I think La Grenouille provided our single, greatest dining experience in NYC. The food, service, flowers and the room were great but it was the people around us that made for an unforgetable experience. We got to talking to the couples around us and before long, we were sharing champagne, wine and appetizers. The waiters, sensing a party, happily brought all of us extra things to try from the kitchen...really just a wonderful night.

                1. It was lovely . . . it was my mom's birthday and she really enjoyed it. There is a mushroom rissotto (sp?) on the seasonal menu that was delicious. And I had the beef for dinner (came with a leek souffle that was delicious). The bread, the butter, the wine, a champagne cocktail. We were very happy.

                  1. I've only eaten there once & it was the night before the Grammy's & Aretha Franklin & her entourage came in to eat so it was a memorable evening sitting next to the Queen...
                    I had foie gras followed by filet mignon & my wife had the Dover Sole which was a big hit. Big $'s too...