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Sep 13, 2006 09:05 PM

I'm screwed! Need organic/healthy-type cake tomorrow morning- No Mani's or M Chaya!

Ok- I am in trouble. I need to get a birthday cake for someone who only eats organic, no refined sugar, crunchy-granola type. Mani's Bakery's oven broke yesterday and they are too behind in orders to commit, and M Cafe de Chaya requires a 48 hour advanced notice which I don't have!!! Anything else in or around Hollywood?

Tuna Toast:

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  1. How about Whole Foods? Their bakery is not as great as Mani's, but they should have a good cake to fit your needs. (3rd & Fairfax branch should be convenient for you)

    1. You're a good friend, but just buy her a fruit basket. Like crunchy granola itself, the stuff at Mani's is packed with fat, carbs and sugar from honey, etc. -- the body metabolizes it the same way anyway. But they might have something at Whole Foods, have you checked? Some of their pastries are pretty good.

      1. yes, you have a problem. the only other place i can think of is real food daily. (they have 2 locations; one on la cienega, near the beverly center.) here's a link to their dessert menu:

        i think it may still be worth pursuing the mcafe option. assuming you can't persuade them to prepare a special order cake on less than 48 hrs. notice, i'm pretty sure they have cakes available for sale (on a per slice basis) at the cafe. i don't see why you couldn't get a whole cake that way (hopefully, without having to pay for each slice separately).

        good luck!

        1. Perhaps you can call Urth Caffe. I know their coffees and teas are organic, so their sweets may be in the same genre. Since they serve cakes by the slice, they may be able to sell you a whole cake.

          Good luck!

          1. There is a place called the Zen Bakery on Pico just east of Sepulveda that might work. No idea whether they make better products than Whole Foods.