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Sep 13, 2006 09:00 PM

Tea Era in Mountain View, solid Taiwanese style pearl tea drinks (good tea)

I didn't like this place before but after reading some glowing reviews on yelp, thought to give them another try.

There are two house specials which I've had the chance to try recently: Barley milk tea and Roasted Oolong (in Chinese it implies charcoal roast) milk tea (you can order with or without milk).

I must say these two were very flavorful, and done very well. I agree with one review where the barley milk tea had a quite intense but subtle flavor, similarly to coffee that stands out, but doesn't jolt you to the point where you feel wired. The pearls/tapioca balls are far from perfect (which if you like Fantasia in Cupertino, they make the best, most "QQ"/chewy versions ever), but the tea flavors are nice. Using Oolong to make pearl milk tea is very out of the box, no one else seems to be doing that right now, and I thought before it might not work, but it actually did.

Someone told me that the owner of Tea Era also works with or partly/co/owns Queen House next door. That would explain why both places are closed on Tuesdays. :-(

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  1. my favorite is the barley milk tea no pearls; I'll have to try the roasted oolong milk tea. Get the frequent buyer card..after buying 10 tea drinks get one free.