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Sep 13, 2006 08:54 PM

Hard to find place in the east village

I'm having visitors from the West Coast that are older and have trouble walking. They eat out often and are used to exceptionally good Northern California restraunts. I need a good place in the East Village to take them that is not too noisy or cramped and on the ground floor (few or no stairs). Any suggestions?(they like most types of food)

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  1. Hearth is ground floor, and comfortable enough, but to avoid noise anywhere in the EV you are really looking at an early sitting or one of the less popular weeknights.

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    1. re: Wilfrid

      Hearth is what you're looking for. Make a reservation in the back (quieter) room.

    2. I like Hearth too. Another place that might fit the bill is Le Tableau (5th St. & Ave. A). I've been there a half dozen times and never been anything less than thrilled with the food.

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        When was your last time at Le Tableau? I was considering it for our Oct. visit, but have been reading conflicting views.

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          Tableau: about two weeks ago. True what's said about the menu not changing, but the specials are good.

          Disagree about the quality going downhill. My standbys, the pork loin and the duck, are still good in my opinion (and I'm picky about meat quality).

        1. i would avoid le tableau. i used to go there all the time (i live a block away). my last two visits have been very disappointing. the menu never changes, the quality of the ingredients has gone way downhill (who has ever had grisly duck breast?). service wasn't great either. and prices aren't nearly as affordable as they used to be.

          there are so many better choices for the price. considering a place like Falai is only $1 or $2 more per dish, it's a non-contest.

          and, of course, there's Prune. i actually prefer Prune to Hearth. not fussy, very neighborhoody but great and fresh food.

          i had a fantastic meal at le miu last weekend. the service is absymal, but the food was really good.

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