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Sep 13, 2006 08:06 PM

Where can I find Nigella Seed a.k.a. Black Seed a.k.a. Black Onion Seed?

In Jackson Heights I know, but I don't want to head in that direction now.
Would this seed be found in Middle Eastern Shops or Asian Markets?

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  1. yes - middle eastern or south asian, not east asian. If you are in Brooklyn, Sahadi or any of the Indian stores on CIA will have them

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Hello, Im looking for Kalonji seeds, AKA Nigella seeds, AKA Black onion seeds .
      I'm from Ontario Canada , but my daughter is from Brooklyn (Park Slope)
      Could you please let me know the shop or the area where these seeds will be available.
      I need them for medication.
      Thank you

      1. re: cdee13

        D'Vine Taste in Park Slope or Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue will have these.

        You can also mail order them from Penzeys or Kalustyan (both have online sites) or if you are in a city with South Asian population, they are available at any Indian grocery store.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Thank you so much for your immidiate reply. I will contact my daughter today.
          Thanks again

        2. re: cdee13

          I would suggest SAHADIS on Atlantic Avenue, or KLAYUSTAN on Lexington Avenie in the city.

          You might prefer to do mail order. PENZEY'S and KALYUSTAN do mail order.

      2. As soon as I posted yesterday I remembered a little Pakastani kitchen supply store on 36th Ave. in Astoria, around 33rd/34th Street next to the Thai restaurant. I'm glad I rememberd because he was most helpful, has a lot of spices in the back. I found it but it is called something like Kalovngi or Kalongi.

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        1. A couple years ago, I bought a packet of nigella seeds at the olive oil store on Fillmore near California (or right around there, next to Le Mediterannean)

          1. In a pinch there is always Penzey's. I know they have it.

            1. Could you please tell me the store in Jackson Heights where these Nigella or Black onion seeds are available. Or near ParkSlope.
              Thank you

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              1. re: cdee13

                Patel Brothers on 74th St
                Subzi Mandi on 73rd St/37th Av
                Apna Bazaar on 73rd St/37th Av

                1. re: Joe MacBu

                  Joe, Are these shops in Brooklyn? NY

                  Thank you, My daughter lives in ParkSlope Brooklyn

                    1. re: cdee13

                      They're in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.