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Sep 13, 2006 08:02 PM

Where to eat around USC?

Okay so football season is here and I have season tickets to USC Football, first game being this Saturday. Is there anything worth trying in this area either before or after a game??? Thanks.

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  1. Check out the Yucatecan food at Chichen Itza in Mercado La Paloma

    1. I think right next to the art school building at USC is La Taquiza. The only time I have been to USC I went there.....Mmm.

      La Taquiza
      3026 S Figueroa St
      Los Angeles, CA 90007

      See for a write up.

      1. From or back to the west side stop at Dino's, Pico at Berendo (two short blocks west of Vermont) for their 'crazy chicken' special -- half a small marinated char-grilled bird, served on a bed of good thin fries, with a cup of slaw and tortillas -- under $5.

        1. i am a die hard trojan alumni and fan. the best place within walking distance of campus/the coliseum is chano's on fig about 2 blocks north of jefferson on the east side of the street. good mexican food and chili burgers. it is a student staple.

          after the game, a lot of 'SC fans tend to flock to the original tommy's on rampart. that place is literally covered with cardinal and gold attire. beware because there is no place to sit and limited standing room outside at the counters. the burgers are famous, but i actually prefer the dogs.

          for a more upscale meal, try the Palm. Good steaks. last year 1540 would broadcast certain pre- and post-game shows from the Palm.

          many times there "dirty dog" vendors camped out between campus and the coliseum. it was a little scary the first time, but these hot dogs are seriously good, complete with grilled onions, peppers and all the condiments.

          there are also more tailgate parties than you can count. the food is never terrific, but you can join some of the bigger ones by paying a fee.

          i'd say these are your best choices for a combination of tasty food and trojan tradition. Fight on, enjoy the game, and beat the cornhuskers!!!

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            As also a diehard Trojan alumnus and fan, just keep in mind that this Saturday's game, with ESPN doing game day here, does not even start until after 5p.m., thus ending around 9p.m., and thus some of these suggestions will probably be closed, Tommy's and the Palm notwithstanding.
            Fight On!

            1. re: USCott

              I absolutely LOVE the bacon wrapped hot dogs! And we ALWAYS tailgate! We've had the tickets for about the last 5-6 years now, and my dad is alumni as well. Its just I am not too familiar with the surrounding area, and we drive in from Rancho Cucamonga and San Diego, so after the games we head to our hotel, usually the Hilton Checkers downtown, and hang out around there. So, I am always looking for new places and ideas to try. Thanks for all the great ideas and I will definately try these places out.

              FIGHT ON!!! And of course we beat the cornhuskers!!! Now we got Arizona this weekend!!!

            2. DANGER DOGS!!! You can't miss them before or after a game---just look for a huddle of people and the unmistakeable smell of fried grease. It's a heart attack in a bun. Bacon-wrapped greasy hot dogs smothered with sauteed onions and peppers. Ketchup and mustard optional but recommended. I think the going rate was $3.50 for last year's season, but don't quote me on that.