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Sep 13, 2006 07:44 PM

Kansas City - Need a German-style restaurant recommendation

My father is in town visitng and wants German food (can be Hungarian as well - anything with kraut on the menu). I know there's a place in Waldo (? something Bear) but every time I drive by it looks closed. Do we have any good German restaurants around here?

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  1. You're thinking of Berliner Bear on Wornall around 78th or 79th Street. I have fond memories of the Bear from long ago when it was in the area of 63rd and Troost but didn't go to their Wornall location for many years after they moved (which was a long time ago!).

    When I finally did, I was very disappointed. The place is grungy and dank and just not very appealing. The food was mediocre at best. And I've heard that neither ambience nor food has improved since I tried them a long time ago. Perhaps someone who has been there recently can give us an updated report. I crave German food often myself.

    My favorite was Emile's on the Plaza for a long time. A weekly hangout for me, especially on days when it was perfect for lingering on the deck with friends. But Emile's is long gone now.

    The only other German restaurant I can think of in the area is the Rheinland about a block off the Square in Independence. Again, I've not been there in some years but used to go fairly often. I was always rather fond of their wiener schnitzel.

    Now I mostly get my German fix when I go to Lake of the Ozarks and stop in Cole Camp at Der Essen Platz. Charming little town with antique and curiosity shops. A day trip destination for those craving German fare. I've been going there for about 25 years or so.

    1. I don't know how long your father is visiting and I don't even know if this is worthy of posting or not (I've never been), but there's an Oktoberfest celebration in Lee's Summit Sept. 22 and 23rd. Here's a website with info, if you're interested:

      1. And the big Oktoberfest downtown the last weekend in September

        1. He's leaving on Sunday so we might try to get over to Independence. I know - can't wait for Oktoberfest! Next year we're going to try to get over to Herman, MO but I heard you need to book a year in advance. Last time we took the train over, stayed at a B&B, rented bicycles for the weekend and biked to all the vinyards and restaurants. Fond (and foggy) memories of that weekend.