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Sep 13, 2006 07:35 PM

Two Nights with Mom in SF

Meeting Mom on her way to a China tour in SF early October weeknights. Second night dinner will be Zuni. Looking for ideas first night. Staying at the Prescott near Union Square.

Thinking Tadich Grill for SF atmosphere. Mom will be on Midwest time so probably eat early side. Would we face a long wait if we arrived before 7? What to order besides the sand dabs?

Other suggestions? Chinese or other Asian probably not the best choice given Mom's two-week destination. Looked at Boulevard's website menu and a bit too precious, as seems Postrio's in the hotel. Would love to trek to Chez Panisse cafe but appears there is a several block walk after the BART trip -- too exhausting.

I am jonesing for a steak burrito at La Cumbre, my favorite from law school days two decades ago. Also want to check out the markets and shops in the Ferry Building.

Got an offer for a "suite" with bedroom and attached main room with a pullout couch for mid-$300 at the Prescott. Any other suggestions for privacy with company in other well-located hotels?

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  1. Depending on what conventions are in town Tadich is sometimes busy from 6ish on.

    You can easily get cabs at Berkeley BART and Chez Panisse. Oliveto is right across the street from Rockridge BART.

    1. The cioppino at the Tadish is outstanding and a real SF dish. The petrale sole is also outstanding. You might want to try Luella or Rue Saint Jacque. Both are neighborhood restaurans with a quiet atmosphere, good food and service. Both would be short cab rides from the Prescott.

      BTW, before moving here, the Prescott was the hotel we stayed at every visit, an outstanding place to stay. If you have cocktails before dinner walk across the street and down a block (towards Powell) and have a drink at Farallon, the decor is amazing.

      1. Delfina is always a pleasure.

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          My mom still talks about our dinner at Delfina over 3 years after the fact.