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Sep 13, 2006 07:25 PM

Pomme Frites..Anywhere??

Hi All,
Just got back awhile ago from Europe...Was wondering if anyone knows where I can go to get the "Pomme Frites", that they serve in Belguim or Holland. These Fries were "UNBELIEVABLE" and the variety of sauces...Fantastic!! Anywhere in T.O..??
Thanks to all,

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  1. Cafe Brussels always gave a plate of pommes frites with their mussels. Unfortunately, they closed earlier this year so I'd also love to hear if there's any other establishment that serves them up.

    (In case you're interested, Ten Feet Tall has sweet potato frites on their menu and you can choose from several, very delicious, dipping sauces.)

    1. Batifole, on Gerrard E, has superb frites with a tarragon-mayo sauce: think they cost $6. Their bistro food is superb in all respects.

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        I personally didn't care for the 'thick cut' version that Batifole did. Otherwise, Batifole is amazing.

      2. Beer Bistro, JK Wine Bar, Thuet, Splendido, and many of the Oliver and Bonacini restaurants all have awesome frites. They do the traditional soak in water, blanche in oil, then fry a second time when ordered. I have a total weakness for the frites at Oliver and Bonacini in Bayview Village Mall (I know, I know...mall restaurant).

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          Eh, went to Belgium a couple weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with their sauce, but if yuo find their right cart, they makr excellent stoufflesauce!
          Other wise I agree on looking to JKWB and BeerBistro for great frites. I have to say Holland frites were defintely better than Belgium.

          1. re: jayseeca

            I second the Beer Bistro suggestion. All the food I ate there was phenomenal, but the frites were wicked. They made their own aioli and ketchup too, if I remember correctly?

        2. Petit Dejeuner on King St. E. of Jarvis offers what they call "Belgian fries" with mayo for $3.50. They're not quite the same as I remember having in Belgium a few years ago, but they're similar, and I'm sure not everywhere in Belgium sells the exact same fries. The Petit Dejeuner fries are pretty tasty, though.

          I also second the Beer Bistro rec for frites.

          1. I've only been there for lunch but Midi Bistro on McCaul at the corner of Baldwin had good frites.