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Sep 13, 2006 07:17 PM

Recommendations for food processor?

I'm looking to buy a food processor to use for making sauces and pastry dough. Any recommendations on brand, size, and model? Thanks!

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  1. I think this board is pretty evenly divided between Kitchen Aid and Cuisinart. I have a Cuisinart DC 11 and have had it for years. It has made lots of dough, bread, pastry etc. over time and the motor is still going strong.

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      Ditto - had mine for about ten years.

    2. Another Cuisinart fan here. I have an ancient DLC-7 (I think) which is on it's second work bowl. The first one cracked after about 20 years. I got an entire second unit to replace any part on the original machine. I use the processor just about every time I cook so it's seen a lot of use in the 20+ years I've owned it.

      1. I replace my old (20+years) Cuisinart with a new Cuisinart, really didn't want to look at anything else. It's a DC-11 and I've yet to find anything that it won't do with regard to slicing, blending, chopping or dough work. To me, it's the Mercedes of food processors.

        1. I have the 11-cup KitchenAid--got it about 5 or 6 years ago and it's fine. I like the bowl-in-bowl feature though to tell the truth I didn't know about it when I bought the machine. I found one at below list price (a floor model from a department store)--if they'd had the Cuisinart I would have bought that and probably been just as happy.

          1. I also have the 11c Kitchen Aid and I find it really handy that I can either choose to use the big bowl to chop up a bunch of stuff or use the small one when I only need a few items chopped up