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Sep 13, 2006 07:08 PM

PDX: Recommendations at Plainfiled's Mayur

Going to Plainfield's Mayur in a few days with a large group of people. Any recommendations for appetizer and entrees?

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  1. Beer. We went there for the first time over the summer, and *everything* was extremely salty.

    1. Is someone else paying? If so, the duck was my go-to dish, though it's been a while now since my last visit. But it appears they haven't changed the menu one iota, as they haven't since I first went there. The duck works better than some of the other upscale dishes and at least duck in an almond sauce earns its steep price more than chicken tikka masala.


      1. Nick:

        Everyone is paying their own way. There is at least one vegetarian. If Plainsfield is too pricey, do you have another recommendation for great Indian or middle eastern restaurant where the wine list is good. (I know you are not a wine-guy, but figured you would know of a place where the wine list consists of more than a half dozen selections) Thanks in advance. . .

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          Any meat entree will be over $20. The vegetarian stuff is more reasonable, but still twice the price of any other Indian restaurant.

          From what I understand, the wine list at PM is pretty nice. Since most Indian places are downscale, I'd be surprised if there are many options. I think Vindalho is a better restaurant and I would think that they have an acceptable wine list. It's even a bit cheaper and now they take reservations.

        2. Plainfield's is an experience that you should do at least once. We really enjoyed the Lobster in Brown Onion sauce and the Bhindi Masala (Okra). They also serve condiments (pickles/chilies/chutney) that you probably won't find anywhere else in Portland, including a dried chili stuffed with spices. I find that the flavors used in the dishes are just very different than other Indian restaurants around town.

          They have an amazing selection of Port and Madeira from the last three centuries. Don't know if the prices on the website are current, but you could sample an 1830 Madeira for $35 if you so desire.

          If you hadn't found it already: