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Sep 13, 2006 07:00 PM

Little Tokyo Recs, please!


Going to the LA Artwalk tonight, and want to grab a late dinner (9:30ish) afterwards. Would love to try something in Little Tokyo. Should be fun, festive, have booze and not kick us out at 10pm. Thanks!!!

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  1. Zip Fusion is a Japanese restaurant with an artsy feel inside. They also have a patio. The food leans toward fusion.

    1. Two of my favorites in Little Toyko are Hama Sushi and Izayoi. Hama is a straight-up sushi joint with no frills but fab, fresh fish. A sign as you walk in warns, "Please Read. Please. Only Sushi, Sashimi. No Tempura. No Teriyaki. No Noodles. No Rice Alone."

      Izayoi is an izakaya (Japanese tapas, basically) and has a wide variety of items, including a flaky, flavorful yellowtail collar and tasty fried shrimp. This is more pub like and possibly raucous, while Hama is a bit more subdued, but less so if you buy the sushi chef a Bud. Both have beer and saki.

      Hama Sushi
      347 E. 2nd St

      132 S. Central Ave

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        I am really down on Hama Sushi. For just slightly more money, Sushi Gen is right across the street and the sushi is a LOT better. Everything is fresher and the service is more friendly. Since I discovered Gen, I have not been back to Hama. I would rather go to Oomasa (on the other side of the pedestrian mall near 1st Street) than Hama at this point, but again, with Gen right there, I wouldn't bother with either. Sushi Gen is, in my humble opinion, the best bang-for-your-buck sushi joint in town. Freshness-wise it is on par with anything I have ever had, and the prices are excellent. The crowds can look daunting, but I have rarely waited for more than 15 minutes, even on a Friday night.

        That being said, I am not sure that Gen is going to work for your late evening. I am pretty sure they start shutting down at 10.

      2. Sushi Gen (2nd & Alameda) is a must try -- but not sure when they close though...

        1. I think the ArtWalks are on Thursday evenings............

          1. Zip Fusion is not in Little Tokyo, it's in the Arts District and a bit of a hike from LT.

            Hama Sushi is good. Suhiro on First St. is pretty good. Sushi Gen is excellent but the crowds are off-putting. Sohoju is a Korean place in the Japanese Village Mall that's very interesting.

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            1. re: Mr. Cookie

              Suehiro is good, but I don't know if they fill the late-nite requirement.

              1. re: ricepad

                They should. They're open until 1:00AM on weeknights.