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Little Tokyo Recs, please!

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Going to the LA Artwalk tonight, and want to grab a late dinner (9:30ish) afterwards. Would love to try something in Little Tokyo. Should be fun, festive, have booze and not kick us out at 10pm. Thanks!!!

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  1. Zip Fusion is a Japanese restaurant with an artsy feel inside. They also have a patio. The food leans toward fusion.


    1. Two of my favorites in Little Toyko are Hama Sushi and Izayoi. Hama is a straight-up sushi joint with no frills but fab, fresh fish. A sign as you walk in warns, "Please Read. Please. Only Sushi, Sashimi. No Tempura. No Teriyaki. No Noodles. No Rice Alone."

      Izayoi is an izakaya (Japanese tapas, basically) and has a wide variety of items, including a flaky, flavorful yellowtail collar and tasty fried shrimp. This is more pub like and possibly raucous, while Hama is a bit more subdued, but less so if you buy the sushi chef a Bud. Both have beer and saki.

      Hama Sushi
      347 E. 2nd St

      132 S. Central Ave

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        I am really down on Hama Sushi. For just slightly more money, Sushi Gen is right across the street and the sushi is a LOT better. Everything is fresher and the service is more friendly. Since I discovered Gen, I have not been back to Hama. I would rather go to Oomasa (on the other side of the pedestrian mall near 1st Street) than Hama at this point, but again, with Gen right there, I wouldn't bother with either. Sushi Gen is, in my humble opinion, the best bang-for-your-buck sushi joint in town. Freshness-wise it is on par with anything I have ever had, and the prices are excellent. The crowds can look daunting, but I have rarely waited for more than 15 minutes, even on a Friday night.

        That being said, I am not sure that Gen is going to work for your late evening. I am pretty sure they start shutting down at 10.

      2. Sushi Gen (2nd & Alameda) is a must try -- but not sure when they close though...

        1. I think the ArtWalks are on Thursday evenings............

          1. Zip Fusion is not in Little Tokyo, it's in the Arts District and a bit of a hike from LT.

            Hama Sushi is good. Suhiro on First St. is pretty good. Sushi Gen is excellent but the crowds are off-putting. Sohoju is a Korean place in the Japanese Village Mall that's very interesting.

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              Suehiro is good, but I don't know if they fill the late-nite requirement.

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                They should. They're open until 1:00AM on weeknights.

            2. Do yourself a favor, skip zip fusion not just cause the food is bad, but it's not unique to Little Tokyo (there is a location on sawtelle).

              At 9:30...I would go with Izayoi for sure. Then head over to Tee Up at the Bonaventure Hotel for some Hostess Drinks =)

              1. I'll add a vote for Izayoi; interesting food, pleasant wait-staff and chefs, sake' tasty, prices tolerable. Like being in one of the less raucous parts of Tokyo, but less expensive. What more can you ask for?


                1. Go to Daikokuya the best ramen & gyoza in LT and beer. Then walk down the street and check out the neat new bar at Chop Suey Cafe & Lounge(old Far East Cafe).