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Cheap, good eats on Michigan Ave for Tomorrow Lunch?

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I know. So late to be asking, but I just found out that I have some free time tomorrow before work sets in. I'll be on Michigan around E. Ontario. Any can't miss eats in the area? Would rather avoid chains unless they're of the local, can't-miss variety. Probably not pizza or dogs as have done these before when in town unless someone has a really great thin crust idea. Thanks!

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  1. How about L'Appetito? Two locations, one at Huron and Wabash (closer to you), the other in the lower level of the John Hancock Building. Sandwiches and tostinos (grilled sandwiches), just a few tables.


    1. Amata gave you a good suggestion. You might also consider Sayat Nova, the serene Armenian spot on Ohio, and Blackie's, the boisterous spot on Grand with fine charred cheeseburgers.

      Have fun.

      1. The above are good suggestions, and also right there at 100 East Ontario is Lawry's whose carved beef sandwiches are a pretty good value for lunch, or at least they were 2 years ago when I was last there.

        1. If you like deli food, there's a great deli - Eppy's Deli on Ontario & St. Clair (East of Michigan Ave)

          1. I work on Michigan and my favorite for lunch is The Saloon Steakhouse. Great lunch menu. Amazing burgers, not a tourist spot and decent prices for a being a steakhouse.

            1. I would suggest Cafe Spiaggia, as a great lunch spot right off of Michigan.

              1. Yeah, I agree with the L'Appetito Deli for a casual lunch and Cafe Spiaggia for an amazing lunch. Award winning chef here. It's a bit pricier but not out of the stratosphere.

                1. Thanks for the suggestions. L'Appetito was perfect for my timeframe - loved the Jay's sour dill chips. Maybe they'll get to DC some day ...