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Sep 13, 2006 06:40 PM

Little Italy restaraunts and pizza

Going to Little Italy for the weekend. Was wondering if anyone could give some suggestions on some really good restaraunts. Would also like to know if there's a REALLY good pizza joint in the area also! Thanks!

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  1. You might want to do a search for "Little Italy" on this board and see what comes up - but I think there is a general consensus that the food in Little Italy is not the greatest.

    1. by reading past replies I get that the food probably isn't the best in little italy. I've been many times, but have never really eaten there. Is there anyway to get some suggestions of some good restaraunts that are within walking distance of little italy?

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        Peasant is very good and only a very short walk. Bianca is on Bleeker which is also just outside Mulberry Street. If you have to eat in Little Italy, Da Nico is usually a safe bet and they also have decent pizza. Lombardis is also just outside Little Italy and has very good pizza but it can be inconsistent at times. Peasant and Lombardis is in Nolita, which used to essentially be Little Italy before it shrunk to only a few blocks and Bleeker is in Noho,on Bleeker between Elizabeth and the Bowery.

      2. Here is a summary from past posts:

        You could do worse than Benito II, 163 Mulberry St

        Angelos on Mulberry St.!!!

        dinner in nolita - va tutto or peasant - then walk the few blocks and have cannoli at ferraras

        Il Cortile in 125 Mulbery Street!!!

        Il Palazzo (151 Mulberry)!!!



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          I love this--it's like a Chowhound haiku...

        2. the vodka slice at pomodoro (spring & mulberry) is very good and worth trying for a quick bite.

          1. I like a slice from Sal's from time to time on Broome and Elizabeth ( is it still there? Or Ray's on Price and Mott for a slice. I've not been to Lombardi's

            Is the O'Neals on Grande any good?