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Sep 13, 2006 06:29 PM

Freshness Burger - how is this place

I was in Chiba a few months ago and noticed this uniquely named place, but didn't have a chance to try. How is the food?

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  1. Eh...not all that...if you want to hit a burger chain in JP, i would recommend MOS BURGER mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. I don't go out of my way for a Freshness Burger, but I'd certainly choose them over a fast-food burger joint if those were the only choices.

      They aim to be a class above a fast-food restaurant, more like a sit-down deli, but at almost the same price level as fast food. Their teriyaki chicken burger isn't too bad, and their fried potatoes are thick potato wedges rather than typical fries. They also have interesting condiments (like Jamaican jerk sauce), and decent drinks (iced cappucino, Red Zinger tea, fresh-squeezed lemonade, smoothies). And you can get draft beer.

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      1. A hotel that I often stayed at in Shinjuku is close to an FB branch, so I've been several times because it was convenient. Now that I stay in another part of town, I'll still hit it about once a trip. I find the quality of their food is good, for fast food. I like the fish burger -- a nice breaded filet topped with potato salad. I've also had what I think they call the spam burger -- spam & egg on a bun. It was okay. The potato wedges are hearty. For an on-the-go breakfast you can get a cup of coffee with a tasty andagi-like dougnut for a decent price.

        My favorite thing there is the yuzu soda (I think it's on the menu as yu-cha). I dream about that on hot summer days!

        1. The first Freshness Burger opened in my neighborhood around 1992 I think. I wanted to rent that location for my office, but a *burger joint* beat me to it. I laughed and figured I'd get the place when they went out of business in six months.

          Boy was I wrong.

          Anyway, the original concept of Freshness Burger is that none of the ingredients are frozen. Even the buns were fresh-baked on premises. The original burgers were sized small and smaller. The original french fries were freshly made from Japanese danshaku potatoes, which are really not good for frying (like Russetts, which are not available in Japan except in the frozen pre-cut form from Idaho, which I believe FB now uses).

          Now, FB seems to be huge, with hundreds of shops. It's still a good formula, though now I believe they use frozen and canned ingredients. Their current Deluxe Burger is as good as any premium chain burger in the U.S., if not better. Their website indicates they had 200 shops by 2004.

          1. They actually had a sort of large burger with cheddar cheese last time I went there. It was kind of OK but the meat was steamed or something and and was kinda drippy, and whats with the numbnuts senmon gakusei (junior college students) that work at every Freshness Burger?