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Sep 13, 2006 06:22 PM

Cheese and Wine in Madrid

I'm staying near the Opera/Plaza de Isabell II and am looking for a place to have a glass of Cava and/or Albarino to wash down some good Cabrales, Monte Enebo, Torta del Cesar, etc. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Tempranillo at Cava Baja, 38 has a nice tabla de quesos (cheese assortment) and interesting wine by the glass.

    If my memory serves me right, I believe that last week I saw torta del casar on the menu at Nunc est bibendum (another good wine bar) at Cava Alta, 13.

    I usually get torta del casar at El Cisne Azul (a bit further away--in Chueca). It's a bar that specializes in wild mushrooms and the torta del casar is a nice foil.

    1. And in the same vicinity as Tempranillo and Nunc est Bibendum, you have another of my favorite wine bars-La Taberna de Cien Vinos, on Nuncio 17. I think they offer a tabla de quesos as well.

      And the new Cava Blanca on Cava Alta 7 serves a "delicias de Idiazábal" and a "quesos de cabra" plate along with wines by the glass.

      1. I just had a very nice dish of erizos (sea urchin) at Cava Blanca the other day... nice place.

        While we're on the subject of cheese in La Latina... The decidedly more downscale Almendro 13 (c/Almendro, 13) serves a plate of La Serena--another great Spanish cheese from Extremadura--though here you would have to have it with sherry or beer, not wine.

        I'm sure more places will occur to me. Though this is sort of a painful topic for me these days, as I have been abstaining from eating cheese for the past month after a lactose intolerance relapse...

        Oh, and if you want to try cabrales with its natural accompaniment--sidra, hard cider--there are a lot of places to choose from near Ópera... here's one: El Ñeru, Bordadores, 5. And another a bit further away: La burbuja que ríe, c/Calle del Ángel, 16. If you go this route, don't get the sidra from the tap--make sure you get sidra natural that is poured from the bottle.

        1. Okay two places pop to mind for good cheese, wine and sidra;
          La Taberna del Alabardero right near you on Calle Felipe V (Metro Opera) which is a basque place actually owned by a priest and the second is Casa Lastra (metro Aonton Martin) on Calle Olivares which is an asturian place with the best cabrales and sidra