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Sep 13, 2006 06:22 PM

Staying at Westin St. Francis, where should I go?

I'm from Toronto and will be staying at the Westin St. Francis from Sat - Wed of this week. Want to know what I shouldn't miss while I'm there. Looking for good, local hangouts, not where the tourists go and pay too much! Want good food with a casual atmosphere, and funky places to hang out and drink in the evening (where jeans are appropriate attire).

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  1. Short cab rides will get you to places like Luella, Rue Saint Jacque and Frescati. All are neighborhood places, casual, good food and service. You can take the cable car back from all three of those if you like.

    Head south of Market for Azie, Lulu, Oola, Town Hall. If you happen to have a lunch hour open during the week, hit up Tadich Grill on California.

    As far as funky places, I'll let the younger crowd on the board direct you in that direction.

    1. You can take a walk over to Canteen and get a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner at the counter or one of the few small tables.

      1. Coco500 at 4th and Brannan for lunch or dinner.

        1. For close by casual drinking, Lefty O'Douls would do the trick. The Red Room if you want something more hip (jeans still ok, also close).

          1. Hands down the "funkiest" cool place to eat or drink in that general area is Farmer Brown on Mason @ Market. It's hip soul food in a really great space.