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SF Chronicle reviewer hits 85 burrito places in 10 weeks

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That's six every five days! Yow. On top of all the other review meals he had to eat during that time.

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  1. Wowza. I'll bet he spent a ton on beano.

    1. That's likely to be a lot of unfinished burritos.....

      1. His MO, I'll add, was apparently to get a super burrito AND two tacos at each place.....(belch)

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          I imagine he only ate a few bites of each, just enough to get a feel for it.

        2. He didn't try El Tonayense's home base, at 24th and Shotwell.

          1. I used to feel sorry for the staff writer at the Pioneer Press who, for the 12 days of the Minnesota state Fair this year ate nothing but "foods on a stick" and set a goal to try, at least once, ever food item at the Fair available on a stick. I feel sorrier for the burrito guy. :)