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Sep 13, 2006 05:53 PM

Oneburger - Coral Gables, the Dogma of Hamburgers

I had been waiting for this spot to open and it finally did. It's a small space in downtown Gables with only a few chairs and tables. They're still getting their service kinks out but the food was great. A variety of specialty burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc. It beats the heck out of the burgers in most places. Case in point, blackened burger (it's been done) topped with blue cheese (been done also, but this was Maytag blue cheese) with a smoky black been spread (definitely not seen before). Other burgers are similar: au poivre with brandy dijon mustard, goat cheese with red peppers. Not only that, the meat itself was juicy and cooked to order (medium is standard unless you ask otherwise). Fries were skin on and I believe fried in peanut oil. Onion rings, sweet potato and yuca fries can be substituted.

I'm going on and on about this place but I'm glad there's someone taking a dare on something as ubiquitous and burgers. I guess it's the Dogma of burgers but with nicer location.

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  1. Do you know if this is a chain or a one-of-a-kind?


      1. Just looked at their website, this is a spin-off from the Globe which is a bar/restaurant on the same street (one whose food has always struck me as servicable but not great, by the way). Menu certainly is interesting and a new lunch option in the Gables is always welcome. Will have to try it.

        1. So I tried Oneburger today with a couple co-workers. It was packed for a place that's only been open a day, looks like they may be on to something. The place is pretty small and they will need to squeeze in some more tables if it stays busy like this.

          There are about a dozen different burger choices, plus chicken / turkey / seafood / veggie burgers and salads. The burger options range from plays on traditional versions (a "Black Castle" takeoff of a White Castle burger, a "Double Cheeseburger Stack" somewhat reminiscent of a Big Mac, or a "Frita Cubana") to more exotic items like an "Au Poivre" burger and the afore-mentioned "Black, Black & Blue".

          I went with a Philly Cheeseburger and yuca fries while my companions went with a Fancy Bacon & Cheddar w/ regular fries, and the Double Cheeseburger Stack w/ a caesar salad.

          The good: (1) the selection is fun; (2) the price is right (fancy burger, fries and drink for around $10 seems like a bargain in the Gables); (3) the yuca fries were hot and crispy; (4) the burger was decent; (5) they were able to turn out our order reasonably quickly despite being very busy on only their second day; (6) the little cornichons on the side were a nice and tasty play on the traditional pickle.

          Room for improvement: (1) honestly, for a place that comes on like a gourmet burger place, I would have expected the burger to be better. It was good, but I wouldn't for a minute say it was anywhere near the best burger I've ever had; (2) again, for a "gourmet burger" place, I'd like to be asked how I want my burger cooked; apparently, nobody was interested (it came out around medium-well, although more coooked on one side than then other); (3) a "build your own" option would be nice.

          Not the best burger I've had, but a good addition to the neighborhood. If they start delivering, they would definitely go up a few notches for me.

          1. Frodnesor, you're looking a gift horse in the mouth! If I had a place like this near my office I'd be there constantly. Instead, all we have is Quizno's and Wendy's near our offices in Doral. God I miss working in Coral Gables!

            BTW, one of the best, if not the best, burger I've had is at the bar at Morton's. They have slider burgers and during happy hour they're $3 for an order. They're insanely good. Best burger however, Father's Office in Santa Monica, CA.

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              If you're going all the way to Santa Monica, don't forget to stop at In-N-Out. Not gourmet, but great burgers.