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Sep 13, 2006 05:49 PM

Yankee Stadium & Arthur Avenue

Hi, I am going to my 1st Yankee game on Saturday, September 30th. I would like advice on what's good to eat at the stadium, and if I can make it to Arthur Avenue before the game either via subway or cab and what's good there.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. There are many threads here about yankee stadium eats. Search under Yankee Stadium. But considering this is your first game, why not just stick to the stadium dogs and beer to get the full experience (After going to a hundred games, I still feel like I'm missing something if I eat before the game and don't have a dog. I don't know, just me). Is the Sat game a 1:00 game? If so, you'll be eating at 11 AM if you go to Arthur Ave. If it's a later start, you can make it, but give yourself plenty of time to get there by cab. By subway you still have to walk to the train (or take the bus) so it will be longer. Have fun and go Yanks!

    1. As esyle said, you may want to look at previous posts on these topics. The search results are based on relevance but you can sort them by date to be sure the info is fresh.

      And if it's a night game, dress warmly.

      Yankee Stadium:

      Arthur Ave.:

      1. Thanks very much for your suggestions. I will check the threads out and report back after the game. The game time is TBD so I will allow plenty of time for Arthur Ave. and I will be sure to have hot dogs at the park.

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          Can you walk from Yankee Stadium to Arthur Avenue?

          1. re: bronwen

            No, it's quite a long way. Even driving, I would think it would be more than 15 minutes away.