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Kosher sandwiches at NYC airports

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I'm posting from the food court at La Guardia, where I have just discovered that Cibo sells kosher sandwiches (Star-K, pas yisroel, cholov yisroel). The varieties available at the one here are: tuna wrap, tuna sandwich, veggie wrap, egg salad sandwich, and tomato-basil-mozzarella sandwich. The tuna sandwich wasn't exactly the best I've had, but it beats pretzels or chips. And the price is $6.95, exactly the same as all the other sandwiches at Cibo.

They also have two Sabra brand salad-and-crackers combos: tuna and hummus.

According to the cashier, they've had these for about a year now, and they're also available at Cibo outlets at JFK and Newark.

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  1. The availability of Kosher sandwiches in public places seems to be more prevalent. I was in the Adelphi University cafeteria (Long Island, NY) and I saw a variety of kosher certified sandwiches and salads. It makes it easier to travel.

    1. JFK Terminal 4 has a fleishig kosher outlet in its food court.

      1. is that the International building? when I was there in February (during that 2 foot snowstorm) it wasn't there.

        the Cibo in the Jetblue terminal (6) I think has the kosher sandwiches

        1. Yeah, the international terminal. Perhaps it's gone under. I haven't been there in about a year.

          1. The kosher deli in the International terminal closed in 2002. Last time I was there, in Dec-2005, the space had still not been rented to anyone else, so sign was still up, but the staff at the Krispy Kreme opposite told me that they'd never seen it open.

            1. Do all the Cibo outlets at LGA have the kosher sandwiches?

              1. anyone ever heard of 'Yummy sandwiches"? Kosher.

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                  yes, they are under the O-K labs supervision

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                    Yes, as berel said they're under O-K supervision. The only issue being that they're usually somewhat overpriced, but then again, this is an airport, so everything is somewhat overpriced.

                  2. Anything at EWR (Newark-Liberty)?

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                        Have never seen anything at EWR; am going tomorrow and will check again, at least int'l arrivals.

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                          Sabra salads spotted near the Continental gates at EWR. I think it was the A&B rootbeer place that had the hummus and chips pack.

                        2. I flew from LGA yesterday, and I was very grateful to have looked at this thread before my trip, so I'm updating it a bit. I was at LGA around 9:30 AM in the B gates area (Airtran), and the Cibo express market had a lot of kosher food. All of it is star K and the packaging has green labeling. (The non-kosher has blue labeling.) My tuna wrap had fresh greens and grape tomatoes; no I didn't think I was at Solo, but it was a fine lunch. My daughter had a cholov yisrael cup of yogurt that was layered with fruit and had a little cup of granola (separate) to pour on top. She got an egg-salad sammie for the plane--also good. Cibo also had those little Sabra hummus cups with pretzels included. Yes, it's a little overpriced (like everything else at the airport), but it's really wonderful to have food available there. We would have had to get up really early to grab kosher food somewhere before we caught a cab to the airport.

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                            JFK Airport has several food stores that have pre-packaged Kosher sandwiches and salads. I've seen it at the terminal for El Al and the Delta terminal. It's been a big help when I'm flying out as I know I can head straight from the city to the airport and get a sandwich in the terminal before I board my flight.