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Sep 13, 2006 05:37 PM

Restaurant Recommendations in Galway/Connemara region

Any recommendations for interesting and tasty restaurants in this region? Will be visiting in November. Thanks.

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  1. I was there in July these are my favorites for Galway Center:
    Kirwan's Lane for mussels in thai red curry sauce
    Quay's Pub for drinks and the atmosphere
    Malt House for fine dining and scallops on curried parsnips
    McDonough's Seafood for fish and chips
    McSwiggins for stir fry steak; curry chicken or chicken kiev
    Sheridan's Cheesemongers has a wine bistro upstairs; great place to sip wine and enjoy a cheese tray. When I was there someone came up from downstairs with complimentary freshly made deliciously warm brownies!!!
    Have a wonderful trip!!

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      Thanks for the recommendations. Didn't know that Sheridan's had a wine bistro. Yum.

    2. It's been two years, however:

      I can second McDonough's for fish & chips. It was very busy with the local University kids when we were there.

      Some people say Moran's Oyster Cottage out in Clarinbridge is overrated, but we rather enjoyed it. Very picturesque.

      If you are out by Clifden in Connemara - they have some delightful little places. Especially, 2 dog cafe. A funky little place with fresh innovative food. A nice change from pub grub. (Though I do love the Pub Grub!)

      Roundstone is suppose to have a couple of good restaurants, as well - but everything was closed up the day we were there.

      We stayed at Ballynahinch Castle and they had excellent food in both their pub (one of our favorite meals of the trip) and high-end restaurant. However, it is out in the middle of nowhere.

      Have fun and please report back - the Ireland Reports are few and far between.

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        Moran's is always on the itinerary. Thanks for info for Clifden. Did you try Pangur Ban in Letterfrack?

        1. re: keencook1

          Pangur Ban in Letterfrack? Goodness - It sounds like someplace in a Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams novel! Sorry - we did not try that. Would love to hear about it.

      2. if in Galway, lunch in the Ard Bia 2 quay st, galway. 091-539897 The food is great but go early about 12 it is normally packed

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        1. re: alfie1608

          Thanks. What sort of food does Ard Bia serve?

        2. The food in Ard Bia is local as far as possible and organic.
          their menue can be eclectic and is always varied.such as Sweet potato and Aubergine soup, salad of warm marinated and grilled lamb etc.Their web is

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            Is Ard Bia good for dinner as well? Do you know if there are long waits for tables at McDonough's? I do not think they take reservations.