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Sep 13, 2006 05:28 PM

Carson City restaurants

I am moving this topic from the discussion on Kokopelli's, as a chowhound posted there saying she was about to move to Carson City (I assume from the Bay Area somewhere....) and wanted chow tips. Steve Timko works a lot in Carson, and usually has the best thoughts. I assume the OP saw the discussion about Viet Pho, which just opened. I like the Mexican taco place on the main drag just about across the street from Viet Pho, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Adele's is probably the best (upscale) dining. Remember that Reno isn't that far of a drive for dinner, especially the south side of town. Speaking of south Reno, Steve, did you see the thing about the new Hawaiian BarBQue place opening in what used to be the Wild Alaskan Fish Co? Might be worth a taste....although I guess it is a Hawaiian chain.

As for produce, I like Raley's. There is a farmer's market in Carson, but unfortunately its ended for the year.

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  1. Adele's at the top end. Nice but expensive. It's on North Carson Street.
    Garibaldi's is a great Italian place on North Carson Street in downtown. There's two Thai restaurants in the same downtown block. I think most Chowhounders would go for the one on Telegraph that shares a building with a Sushi place. It's called Thai Spice Kitchen. It's not as fancy as the other, but I think the food is significantly better.
    For a bit of Nevada heritage, you have to try a chorizo at Villa Basque Deli on Hot Springs Road near the Walmart on College Parkway. It's amazing for all of Nevada's Basque heritage there aren't more places that make a decent chorizo.
    I mentioned Viet Pho and in the same post mentioned the other Chinese restaurants in Carson City that I like, Panda Kitchen on U.S. 50 East in the shopping center with Scolari's and Beijing Palace in south Carson City.
    Tons of good Mexican places. In the same shopping center as Panda Kitchen is Taqueria La Salsa. There's also a second location in northern Douglas County, I think the same shopping center as Best Buy.
    I've also written on Chowhound about the Lady Tamales. It's s small Mexican joint that specializes in Tamales. By small I mean three tables. It's off Edmonds or whatever they call it now near Woodside on the east end of town. The first time I tried it I raved about the salsa. Turns out I got just the watery stuff off the top. Their salsa is good but it's just normal salsa.
    I have co-workers who rave about the potato pancakes at Grandma Hattie's in south Carson City on U.S. 395. It's a long story, but even just the smell of potato pancakes makes me sick to my stomach, so I can't judge them. I'm just passing along the recommendation.
    Indian Curry restaurant on North Carson near Hot Springs Road is nice for a quick buffet lunch.
    Down the road a ways in Gardnerville is JT's Basque Restaurant and Bar. Family style Basque eating with things like steak and lamb. Really good and better than any of the Basque places in Reno.
    Here's my review of JT's:

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      Garibaldi's is still good and I ate three times at Thai Spice and loved each time. Thanks for the suggestions.

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        Glad you liked them both. A restaurant that wasn't open at the time I posted this list but has since become a Carson City favorite is Z Bistro. It's near VIlla Basque Deli on Basque Way. And Indian Curry is now called Bollywood.

    2. Thanks for the info Janet and Steve. That should keep me busy for a while. I didn't get a chance to try any of the taquerias I saw around town, my traveling partner wasn't particularly adventurous at that time. I've heard about JT's Basque. I've enjoyed Basque restaurants in the Central Valley of CA, I'll have myself cloned to enjoy SO MUCH FOOD. And the lamb wasn't half baaaaaaaaad.

      There is a Hawaiian bbq place in Santa Rosa's been opened for several months. I tried it ONCE, 'sokay if you like spam and pineapple together, but the flavor thrills end there.

      1. We like the Water Wheel and India Curry on the main drag. Stay far away from b'sghetti's!

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          Red's 395 has some decent BBQ. Not great, but if you've got the jones, it's fine. I like their brisket more than the ribs. However, they have these mutant hot wings which are quite tasty. I believe they come from force fed chickens.

        2. Another wonderful dining experience just outside Carson City in Genoa is DW's at David Walleys Hot Springs. It's a very warm dining room with excellent game dishes, very good prime rib, nice salads, and a terrific wine list. The restaurant has been the recipient of a wine spectator award the last few years.

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            Have you tried Genoa Lakes Supper Club?