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Sep 13, 2006 05:25 PM

Favorite flavored potato chips? Probably not Coney Island Hot Dog with Mustard

Lays Jalapeño Kettle Chips are good. There is only an initial hit of powder flavoring on the first bite, but after that there’s a nice jalepeno flavor. They actually use real jalepenos in it. They are spicy, but not so much that the burn takes over. The potato flavor is there. The chips are a thick chip. Here’s a good description and pictures.

I thought they might work nicely with a ranch dip ... didn’t try that, but had some with cottage cheese (MY diet plate), and the dairy tones down the spiciness too much. They are ok with a squeeze of lime, but GREAT with vinegar. I had a Cuban vinegar-based hot sauce I’ve been trying to use up. The jalepeno chips got even better with this.

My google for the chips, turned up other flavored chips like the Coney Island Hot Dog with Mustard flavored potato chips. Actually I looked at that link because I thought it was going to talk about a real hot dog topped with mustard-flavored potato chips which seems appealing. Nope, hot dog flavored chips.

You gotta love the marketing guy who wrote this description on the bag ...

"Welcome to Coney Island. Take a stroll and enjoy the most mouth watering taste of hot dogs with mustard flavor in this premium potato chip. It's a taste so authentic , you'll almost be able to feel the ocean breeze and hear the sounds of the boardwalk. "

Also found this MAJOR snack review site.

No kidding are they “serious about snacks”. I applaud them for not dying after trying, what, hundreds of snacks.

So, what is your flavored chip? Is it good right out of the bag or better paired with something ... hmmm ... chip/dip parings.

Oh, if you want to make your own home-made flavored chips ...

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  1. My favorite chip flavor is green onion, but they are not available here any more. In the absence of those, I like the salsa Pringles.

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    1. re: ClairfiedButter

      Thanks. My guilty pleasure is that I like Pringles. It is not bad enough to like potato chips, I like canned potato-chip formed products. Thanks for the tip. I'll give them a try.

      1. re: rworange

        I like Pringles too. Goes hand in hand with my cravings for Funny Bones. Two guilty pleasures.

    2. Not really chowish, but I like Lay's Sour Cream N' Onion and Ruffle's Cheddar and Sour Cream! And Boulder Chips are really good too... I don't normally like salt and vinegar chips, but there's is really tasty!

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      1. re: Katie Nell

        Even as a nutritionist, I'll have to admit I'm addicted to Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream as well!

      2. lays salt & pepper. mmm.

          1. re: chefdom

            Any habanero flavored potato chip they sell throughout Mexico.

          2. kettle chips is a yummy brand with interesting flavours.....
            I used to love Cape Cod Chips when I travelled to the states as a child. . . .