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Sep 13, 2006 05:23 PM

Craving Banh Mi but don't know where to find it! (In LA, not OC)

Does anyone know where I can get good banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches)? I've been craving them since I saw a picture of them in the LA Times this morning. Only problem, there's no way I can drive to Westminster from WeHo to get a sandwich---gas alone costs more than the sandwich!

What's the closest place to West Hollywood that I can get something? Perhaps any options in downtown?

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  1. I'm no expert on Banh Mi, but I really like K.P.'s Deli in Silver Lake. Great sandwiches and the owner is super nice. Ate there yesterday. They have a menu on their website:

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      $6 banh mi?! Those look very americanized. I would hit Valley Bl in SGV instead

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        Another "americanized" version is at Gingergrass in Silverlake, but it's quite good and not as huge as the ones at K.P. Very tasty...

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          And here is Gingergrass's sandwich link:

          They're $1-2.5 cheaper than the Frenchified versions at Michelia. So who's are better?

      2. In Westwood Village there is East West Sandwhich that has 5 of them but there has been a reported drop in their quality.

        Closer is Michelia on 3rd st. but it's French/Vietnamese with 3 sandwiches:

        Charcoal Beef Sandwich - $8.95
        Roasted Chicken Sandwich - $8.95
        Charcoal Pork Sandwich - $8.95

        Probably not "pure" Banh Mi, but check their website for their ingredients:

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          FYI (= I've never eaten there) ~ In West Hollywood there is a Vietnamese restaurant called Absolutlety Phobulous and they have 2 options:

          Baguette Sandwich - Ham or Chicken - $5.50

          Absolutely Phobulous
          350 No. La Cienega Blvd.
          West Hollwood
          (310) 360-3930

        2. If you are new to banh mi, I'd suggest you head out to MR. BAGUETTE in SGV on Valley Blvd. and have a try of their banh mi.

          While not necessarily the best, it provides a good baseline to compare other banh mi sandwiches.

          MR. BAGUETTE
          8702 E. Valley Blvd.,
          (626) 288-9166

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            I like Baguette du Jour on Valley Bl & Fremont Ave which is a little closer. Very cheap and they bake their own bread daily. The BBQ beef banh mi is delicious and can easily eat 2 in a row!

          2. Chinatown has a few places. Both are pretty good, but the last time I had them was over half a year ago.

            - Bu'u Dien Bakery (on Broadway)
            Banh mi and other desserts

            - Pho Hoa (on Spring)
            Banh mi and pho

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              There's also Rainbow Bakery, right next to Ai Hoa Supermarket. Ai Hoa has two entrances - one on Hill street and one on College street, right in the parking lot. You'll want to go through the parking lot on College.

              I haven't been to Rainbow in a few months, but I believe their banh mi is now $1.75. I think it's $2.25 if you want extra meat. Their bread is hard and crunchy (not in a good way) after toasting, but their meat is tasty.

            2. I think there's a place in West LA - around cafe saigon or such - westsiders, any suggestions?

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                I know Pho 99 on Wilshire has em but I've never ordered one - occasionally smell the bread cooking there