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Sep 13, 2006 05:09 PM

Anniversary Lunch in Western CT

I'm trying to find someplace nice and romantic to take my chef husband for our 3rd anniversary lunch (9/28). We live in Newtown but do not want to go to the Inn with its tired menu. Willing to take a drive for a delicious meal but would prefer to stay more on the western/southern side of CT. We don't want to be in the car all day. Any price range since its just lunch. French/Asian influence a plus. But all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. How about La Fortuna or Ondine?

    1. I've never been there, but it has a great reputation and is always packed, "Apricots" rt 4 in Farmington alongside the Farmington River. I believe it is French influenced.

      1. How about Jean-Louis or the Homestead Inn in Greenwich? The food at these 2 is always great.

        1. Bernard's in Ridgefield would be my first choice. Maybe La Zingara in Bethel but I'm not sure if they are open for lunch.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Ondine doesn't serve lunch though. And I can't seem to find any information on Apricots in Farmington.

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              Hi chefwife, here's a link to a review of Apricots. Sounds like what you may be looking for.