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Sep 13, 2006 05:06 PM

Dinner Recs for Bloor West (btwn Jane & Royal York)

I'm not too familiar with Bloor West and need some suggestions for a restaurant to take out of town family for dinner. We're looking for something moderately priced and are open to all food styles.
The family will be staying at Bloor & Royal York so we prefer some options in this neighbourhood, or within a 10 minute walking distance

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  1. Bloor West would be Prince Edward to Jane (ish). Jane to Royal York is more The Kingsway. FYI.

    1. You can't really walk from Royal York to Jane in 10 minutes. So you would be limited to the Kingsway. I have been to Vibo, Cru, Merlot, a couple of sushi places, and one Italian restaurant there (something Daddy?).

      I like Merlot the most out of all of them. It is French bistro but there is a good selection on the menu.

      1. I couldn't afford to eat there when I lived in Bloor West, but I heard great things about Lemon Merangue. <b>Just avoid Sharkey's at all costs.</b>

        1. Lemon Meringue closed down about a year ago. Do you mean Sharkey's as in the place with the global menu where Future bakery used to be, or Shakey's - the awful bar a few doors west?

          1. I vote for Creme de la Creme for breakfast and Casa Barcelona for dinner. Both in the Kingsway.