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Sep 13, 2006 04:18 PM

End of an Era: Gasthaus zur Linde in Elgin closing 10/4

Another German/Austrian restaurant going away.

Many fond memories of drinking and dining there. Being stuffed to the gills and then having Fritz come around to chide you for not finishing your food. Joanna joining you with her bottle of home-made schlivovitz for a few rounds of after-dinner shots.

Fritz passed away several years ago, and I understand Joanna has been out sick lately and has decided to close the business on 10/04/06. Dining there might be a bit dicey without Joanna to supervise the cooking, but going there for a last round of drinks would certainly be appropriate.

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  1. Fret not and don't forget the Gast Haus. It has new owners and is still open. The bar is still doing quite well and in fact is having a Halloween party on Saturday the 28. The kitchen is currently closed for some renovating but should be operational within a few weeks.

    The menu is going to remain German/Austrian. The new chef actually used to work at the Gast Haus after Fritz passed away and helped Joanna keep the food topnotch.

    So please give us some time to update the kitchen and we will be back and better than ever with food and drinks that we promise will bring back old memories and establish new ones. In the meantime stop down for a drink and chat with the new owners.

    For more information visit


    1. The food was pretty good and the menu interesting.

      However, the dining room had a musty cell that always reminded me of visiting an elderly aunt. The place needed refurbishing and airing out.

      1. The Gasthaus will NEVER be the same.... as long as the Johanna and her family aren't running it. Nobody makes things like they do... and never will be able to replicate it. Whoever is saying "oh it will be the same and wonderful" is sadly mistaken. It's too bad they let the Gasthaus name go with the business... the new owner should have changed the name.

        1. I'd say give the new owners a chance! New carpeting would probably take care of the musty smell. I understand running a successful bar/restaurant is a difficult profession.

          1. Of COURSE it will never be the exact same as nothing ever is when you have new owners and managers. The Gast Haus under Fritz and Johanna had a wonderful run of 37 years which is unheard of in the restaurant industry. However everything must end and change with the times. Which is exactly what is happening. Consider it the Gast Haus with some new blood but firmly rooted in its past.

            Also if you quote someone make sure you quote them exactly otherwise you don't need the ("") quotation marks. We are looking into some new flooring which will help the smell however just airing it out helped alot.