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Sep 13, 2006 04:14 PM

Looking for inexpensive lunch/brunch on Sunday

My husband and I have a Sunday routine where we go to Arpeggio every Sunday mornings, sit outside (if its nice), bring a bottle of good wine, and order one of their delicious pizzas. We can get out of there for around $20. They were closed one recent Sunday and I realized I do not know of any other places like this. I just want a BYO with a nice atomsphere and inexpensive food that is open on Sunday mornings for brunch or lunch. I live in Ambler and am willing to drive a tiny bit (though want to avoid center city). We tried Cafette in Chestnut Hill as a Plan B but the wait is always ridiculous and we got frustrated. Any suggestions for another good place? Thanks!!!

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  1. Last time I was at Cafette for brunch (last year) they took reservations.

    1. The Back Porch Inn in Skippack is very nice.