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Sep 13, 2006 04:07 PM

Fast food health - what do you order?

I admit it, I'm a calorie counter. is my best friend when i'm selecting a meal for eating out. One of the most pleasant surprises has been to find that many fast food restaurants offer genuinely healthy meal options. I work with teens so I end up at fast food restaurants a lot. I know it sounds crazy, but I'd just rather get my cals from a great homecooked meal or at a better restaurant, so, what do you do when you're in a hurry or stuck at McD's with the kids... etc... Here's some of my faves.

Burger King - Whopper, w/o mayo. This rings in right at 500 calories, and is enough to be a meal.

McDonald's - Salads with GRILLED not crispy (read fried)chicken breast and just a little dressing. Also, a small ice cream cone is just 150 cals.

Anywhere I can get a grilled chicken breast sandwich, sans mayo and/or sauces. Also, almost any place will load you up with veggies if you ask nicely.

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  1. I like Wendy's Mandarian Chicken Salad---no dressing, minimal nuts and noodles or a plain baked potato

    Tim Hortons I get a turkey sandwich on wheat, no dressing or cheese and lettuce

    I do a lot of Wegman's 'supermarket sushi'. Is this considered fast food?

    Then I do my 'crazy' attempts at calorie picking off ALL the skin at KFC (which leaves about 2 bites of meat), getting the low cal sweet cream ice cream at Cold Stone and "only" getting 2 mix in's (I convinced myself chocolate is a vegetable) and pulling the insides out of bagels.

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      I think it's technically a grain.

    2. My method for eating (somewhat) healthy at chains and still getting my fix is generally based on portion control and compromise.

      Chipolte-I get the vegetarian burrito bowl with lettuce, black beans, tomatillo salsa, cheese and guacamole for 430 calories. I will also get the pork burrito and have them cut it in half and have it for lunch two days (it reheats well IMO)

      Burgers-no cheese and fortunately I don't like mayo. Skip the fries or get a kid's meal with the baby portion of fries

      Taco Bell-get two small items (like regular taco) or just one more substantial item (like the bean burrito).

      1. I don't mind the fruit salad with yogurt at McD's if I have to go there; although, it hasn't always filled me up.

        1. The baked cod plate at Long John Silvers.

          A BK Fish Fillet w/sm onion rings has same nutritional info as a mayoless whopper (except less protein).

          (I like fish)

          1. McD's: the egg mcmuffin is about 300 calories and the caloric ratios are even close to the Zone "ideal" of 40-30-30. Once in awhile, these things just can't be beat - they are culinary genius.

            Avoid the sausage mcmuffin w/ egg, for all its extra tastiness comes directly from an extra 150 calories of pure fat (total of 450 calories).