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Sep 13, 2006 03:50 PM

Thursday Afternoon Tea in DC or Rockville?


We're looking for an upscale tea service on a Thursday afternoon, 3 or 4pm in DC, Rockville or anywhere in between. Any suggestions? Alternatively, any upscale mid-afternoon lounging, snacking & dessert place would work.

Apparently the Willard, Mandarin Oriental and Hay-Adams can't accommodate - weekend service only, holiday service only, and no tea service at all, respectively.


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  1. Have you checked the schedule for Strathmore. I know they have an afternoon tea but not sure when it is.

    1. so sorry, I just checked and it is on wednesdays.

      1. If you're will to go to Tysons Corner, I believe the Ritz Carlton hotel in Tysons has afternoon tea service.

        1. OK so I looked again and it is on some Wednesdays and some Thursdays, so take a look at their schedule. It looks very interesting.

          1. What about the Park Hyatt? Article in today's Wash Post