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Sep 13, 2006 03:33 PM

A Deli & The Deli - Herndon

I finally got to A Deli today. Turns out that either the two places are connected or The Deli has an easy lawsuit on their hands for infringement. Odd thing is why the menus aren't EXACTLY the same, yet they both have all the same sandwiches (Hot Sicilian, Salty Dog, etc). I usually get the Hot Sicilian at The Deli and didn't see it until too late at A Deli today (and the name is altered just slightly), so I got the Spicy Italian. It's okay, but the whole package as far as the food doesn't come together as well as at The Deli.

A Deli is nicer in terms of decor, and there are a few tables both inside and out, but I think I'm going to keep with The Deli.

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    1. re: Meg

      A Deli is in Worldgate.

      For others that may not know, The Deli is in the KMart shopping center on Elden - on the far side nearish Gold's Gym.