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Sep 13, 2006 03:07 PM

Tapioles 53, Barcelona

I have made a reservation here based on a recommendation I found in "A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona," by Le Cool publications. It says: "In a hidden restaurant with no name, where every diner has to sign in as a new member of her private club, Sarah explains her food. The finest ingredients from around Europe, described by the Australian chef in loving terms, served in an intimate space shared with a design studio. A very special homemade experience from start to dessert." The website, looks really intriguing. Has anyone ever experienced this place?

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  1. I've heard good things about it. If you read spanish:

      1. Didn't deliver. Lot of money for not too much. Wouldn't recommend Tapioles I'm afraid.

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          Duh Car,

          We have a reservation at Tapioles 53 in a couple of weeks. Would you please provide more details about your recent dinner there. What was the price of the dinner? What didn't you like about the food, wine, etc.? Thanks.

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            I ́m don ́t agree with you.I must say that it is a special place, full of delight.
            Sarah and crew made us very happy to my wife and I. The dinner was one of the best of our life and we would want to return soon.I think that they ́ve got goods and bads days but the restaurant deserves to be visited to enjoy the pleasure of eating, i say... Mcafie

          2. I think it was about 85 euros. We were in Spain for three weeks and therefore had alot of meals. This was at the beginning of the trip so I'm fuzzy on all that we had. Biggest thing I remember was that I had fish and it was just a piece of fish. Nothing to accompany it. There was also suppose to some special pasta but it wasn't something out of the ordinary.
            That really describes are whole experience.
            It is disappointing when you think you are going to get great food and you don't. We enjoyed Cinc Sentits the next day alot more. I'm sorry if others like the place, but we didn't find it anything special.

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