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Redondo Beach or nearish next week

I am going to be at a training class in Redondo Beach for three days. I am especially looking forward to carne asada fries and fish tacos, as I understand those are both sort of regional specialties. I would also love to get some ramen because I have never been to a real ramen shop. I have a decent per diem so price is not a huge concern but I generally prefer a relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy American or various ethnic cuisines but usually avoid any fusion or other ideological cuisine, such as health food or natural food. Also nothing extreme -- pho with tripe and tendon, no problem. Raw fish guts, cheese that really smells like feet, no way.

I can take a cab but I would rather walk. My hotel is right next to the Marina.

Thanks in advance, I am really looking forward to this and I promise to post a solid report afterwards!

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  1. For ramen, try Takefuku on Hawthorne Blvd, or Shinsengumi on Artesia

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      I believe Takefuku is closed, and it's actually a soba/udon joint, not ramen.

      In Torrance, there is Mama Ramen which is pretty decent, in the Torrance Crossroads Plaza (on Crenshaw and Lomita, thereabouts).

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        Yeah - it's shut down, which is a shame as the soba/udon was great. Agree about Mama Ramen, that is a good recommendation.

    2. it's not recs for ramen or walking distance but these are good choices~~
      *Aimee's Bistro French 800 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo
      *La Pain Quotidien on Manhattan Beach Blvd for a good cappuccino
      *Sapori Italian in Marina Del Rey at Fisherman’s Village
      *Mi Ranchito Mexican12223 W Washington Blvd Culver City
      ~~FYI if you're able to get away at night Hermosa, Redondo and Manhattan have some good bars.

      1. i didn't realize takefuku had closed. it was never really that busy, but i always liked their curry udon.

        for udon, i'd recommend kotohira in the tozai plaza on redondo beach blvd and western.

        for ramen, there is no substitute for shinsengumi hakata ramen 2015 W Redondo Beach Blvd Ste C, (310) 329-1335. my typical order is hard noodles and strong soup base. the sets are reasonable deals if you are hungry. mama ramen is okay, but is not even close to shinsengumi

        these places are both cab ride distances away from the marina.

        you can also go to the redondo beach pier. at the very end of the pier there is a korean seafood restuarant that serves very fresh crab and shrimp. the shrimp is served raw and killed immediately before it is served. sometimes you can still see them twitching. it's very good.

        1. Hi!
          Not sure if you'd be interested, but the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival is next weekend (September 22-24). I've never gone but have heard good things about it. Maybe it would be an interesting diversion?


          1. Also in Torrance, in the Mitsuwa Marketplace at 21515 Western (one block north of Carson Ave.), is Santouka Ramen -- get the shio ramen.

            1. There is nothing extraordinary within walking distance from where you are staying. Mostly a line of chain restaurants along the water.

              I love the recommendations above--Santouka (great ramen in a busy foodcourt), Kotohira (great udon, more relaxed)--but these are a long cab ride away, at least $20 each way. Probably $30+. Could you rent a car? They're cheap in LA.

              I would avoid the Lobsterfest. Too expensive for what you get. If you want seafood, walk to the Redondo pier to Quality Seafood, down on the lower level, by the marina. Not much to look at, but a good selection of oysters (raw) and other seafood (that they will steam for you). Don't let them fry anything.

              Other decent places within walking distance (even if a longish walk):

              - Sushi Sei in Hermosa, on the main street, good sushi, worth a look if you are coming from somewhere that lacks decent sushi
              - Good Stuff in Hermosa (for breakfast) along the Strand
              - Chaba Thai on PCH: the only Americanized Thai food that I've ever enjoyed, especially Tom Kha soup and Lamb Shank Musman Stew. Really good and I love the authentic stuff
              - El Burrito Jr. on PCH: Tacos, enchiladas, burritos etc. Decent carnitas. A walk-up place.

              All of these are places that I love to have in my neighborhood, but they are not life-changing food experiences.

              The best bet, if you want some adventure, and something better, is to get in that cab and head to Torrance where you can find some exceptional Japanese. Search for others in addition to those above. I love Musha too. It's a lot of fun.

              And to comment on your first thought, I would say that fish tacos are not considered a specialty here. And I haven't heard of carne asada fries.

              1. If you're right in the Redondo Beach marina check out Captain Kidd's. Good seafood place to get an informal seafood meal whether it be the usual fish and chips type of thing or select your own fish or shell fish and they'll cook it for you. Good chowders also beer & wine.

                Also within walking distance is The Cheesecake Factory and Redondo Beach Pier where they have lots of interesting restaurants of all kinds.

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                  yum... Captain Kidd's chow laid out on the butcher paper, sitting at a picnic table overlooking the water in moonlight... now that is a meal I still remember.

                2. check out fig newton's post on ramen (sorta) nearby: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                  1. Zazou's really good and has some scrumptious traditional fare. It's in that little shopping cutesy area of Redondo where people stroll at night, south of the marina (a short cab ride, not a walk unless you're English).

                    1. Fish Tacos - My favorite in the area are the ones at Lupitas on PCH and Torrance Blvd. I think I had them almost every week for a couple of years strait (When Lupitas openned, they had to keep the exact same fish tacos on the menu that the previous restaurant was serving because the regulars complained!). For Chunky Beef sloppy Mexican tacos in a hard shell,the above mentioned El Burrito Jr is good. It's on PCH and is a shack with only benches, but there's always a line. If you want carne asada, i'd look for a place that makes fresh flour tortillas and fresh guacamole. I know El Torrito Grill has all of that but it's a quick drive to Torrance Blvd and Hawthorne Blvd. Maybe the more pedestrian (no pun intended) El Torrito(not grill) on the Redondo Beach pier has it as well.

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                        Just to be clear, El Burrito Jr. also serves soft tacos. Corn tortillas.

                        I've never had the hard shell tacos, so I can't comment on them.

                      2. An interesting thread that hits close to home.

                        To answer your question, there really isn't any outragouesly amazing food "in walking distance" of your hotel, which I am gonna guess is the Crown Plaza.

                        Regarding the fish tacos and carne asada fries, they are harder to find in LA, but abundent in San Diego 2 hours south.

                        Now the food. unless you are renting a car, here are my recs for walking distance from your hotel:

                        El Burrito JR. (or LBJ's) Try the special C (2 bean and cheese burritos and a small drink for dirt cheap). I do not like their chuncky beef tacos, I find the meat tuff. Or go with a burrito, they're all good.

                        A place that you might consider is Addi's Tandoor. I've never been there, but I hear it is quite good Indian and is rated highly in Zagats. It is more expensive though. Check out their website: http://www.addistandoor.com/

                        Creme de la Crepe: This will be a good 45 minute walk, maybe more, but it will be a beautiful one along the beach. This place makes good crepes. Free escargo in wed and thurs. http://www.addistandoor.com/

                        Eat At Joes: Classic American diner. Big picnnic tables where u get to know your neighbors. Get the classic john wayne. I also like their club sandwich. http://www.i-eat-at-joes.com/

                        Places to Avoid: Don't buckle and eat at any of the following locations, even though they might be very close to you:

                        The Happy Clam
                        Cheesecake Factory

                        If you rent a car, let us know so we can broaden our recs.

                        1. This is not within walking distance from the marina, but a nice French Bistro that is a high value for the dollar is Aimee's at the corner of Knob Hill and PCH in Redondo Beach. The owner, Aimee, will treat you like a long lost relative and the food is very good.