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Sep 13, 2006 02:43 PM

Best Mexican with fun atmosphere, good food and amazing margaritas?


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  1. how about mama mexico? it can be a bit cramped, but the atmosphere is definitely lively. complete with mariachi performers. good drinks, and surprisingly decent food.

    1. Mama Mexico is definitely fun, but cramped, very STRONG margs, but only their frozen ones are good, so if you like 'em on the rocks, this isn't top choice. And the food is definitely not the best. I would say average.

      Are you looking for "combo platter" type Mexican or more upscale?

      There is Suenos, Maya, Pampano, Rosa Mexicana and Zarela (i think Zarela might be the place for you).

      1. Go to Mama Mexico ONLY if a "fun atmosphere" is most important to you. Otherwise, go at your own risk for underwhelming, overpriced food. And watch out for something else: the last time I went (2 years ago), my credit card statement was overbilled by nearly $450. Thank goodness I kept the receipt, which had the correct price.

        1. Zarela has the best margaritas..and good food, too.

          1. Gabriela's is open for business again at Amsterdam and 93rd St. I think they have everything you're looking for.