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red hook soccer fields: end of the season celebration....

The end-of-the-season/Independence Day Celebration is this saturday at the fields, 11am till sundown-ish.

In addition to the usual great eats, there will be a DJ, live music, clowns (?!), and a special soccer tournament. Should be even livelier than usual; and after this, things begin to wind down....until next spring, of course...

–The Porkchop Express

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I will definitely be there!

    1. Perfect!

      Which item would you consider a "can't miss?" If you had to choose just one.

      We plan to do some sampling but definitely won't be able to try everything.

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      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        The huaraches are amazing. As is the ceviche. And you have to get some corn.

        1. re: CornflakeGirl

          Ceviche mixto!! And a meat and cheese pupusa with the slaw.

        2. Crap. The weekend I go out of town....

          Are there any restaurants or delis associated with the vendors--somewhere I can go year round and get my fix?

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          1. re: erikka

            Yes, In particular I dream about the huraches sold at the Martinez stand... do they have a restaurant?
            Otherwise I have to wait until spring again.

            1. re: Ida Red

              I have not been to the ballfields but have read the continuous posts about them. My huarache heaven is Matamoros Bodega on Bedford in Bill Burg. Have you had them there? If so how do they match up with Martinez? If you can't locate martinez then Matamoros might get you through the winter. I should make the effort to get to the fields to try the offerings.

              1. re: Chas

                Thank you Chas... I can't belive my luck! Right under my nose in my hood!

          2. a fine rant about bobby flay at the red hook ballfields


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            1. re: pitu

              i hope they made him look bad (not too hard!). and i am happy for the vendors since it will give them more publicity = more money. Last sunday there was a good crowd but certainly no evidence of the place being swamped by Times readers.

            2. Porkchop,

              What do you mean by "wind down"? Are the food vendors shutting down after Saturday?

              Love your blog.

              1. Thanks everyone for enjoying our foods! We will be winding down(not as many visitors frequent the park) after sept. 16 but still open for business until the second week of November...Yes, there are plans for a more permanent establishment all-year round in the near future. Huaraches, pupusas, tacos, ceviches and anything else you may favor we will be happy to provide. Meantime, we are in the process of constructing a website redhooklatino.com and\or redhooklatino.org which will be hopefully up and running by late fall where we will provide info. dates, times, events, (even recipes) for your convenience. Special thanks to J. Slab and his wonderful blog. His coverage of our events and food surpasses any article written about us thus far. Last, thank you all for your enthusiastic support and positive comments.


                The Vendors.

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                1. re: redhooklatino

                  Great news - keep us posted on your (ad)ventures.

                  A devoted fan.

                  1. re: redhooklatino

                    to redhooklatino: Thank you for giving your group a 1st person voice, instead of just the media reporting. I have been a fan (and customer) for years...before the 'red hook country club' got wind of you guys. I'm so pleased to see you do so well. Your crowds willm do you well, but I just hope I can get through. Enjoy your success.

                    1. re: redhooklatino

                      That's fantastic news. Thank you for all the good food over the years. What I love best about the fields is that there is representation from South, Central, and North America all in one area.

                    2. What is the very last date for the food stalls? I want to confirm that they will still be there this weekend (Oct 14/15).