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Sep 13, 2006 02:31 PM

sticky toffee pudding question

I'm thinking of making this for a big lunch coming up. Is it possible to do it ahead of time? All the recipes I've found say to bake it, pour the syrup over and serve immediately (or pretty soon). I found one version on epicurious which says you can bake the pudding, pour the syrup over and hold it for up to 2 hours. I'd like to be able to do most of the work the day before, if possible.


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  1. I've seen prepared versions where the cake and sauce are kept seperate, then you heat up both and top the cake with the sauce at the last minute.

    Also frozen ones where the sauce is at the bottom of an aluminum cake pan and the cake is the top layer--you pop it in the oven to heat, then invert the pan onto a platter. So I think you should be good making it in advance.

    1. Epicurious has a good, simple recipe from Gourmet. It's from the "Five Ingredients" section and is yummy. I've made it several times and recommend it.

      1. Keep the pudding and sauce separate. Nuke them both, then spoon sauce on individual portions.

        1. Nigella Lawson makes a self-saucing one that is dead easy and delicious, I think from her first cookbook. You could prepare it in advance and then pop it in the oven. It's a very stable recipe.