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Sep 13, 2006 02:21 PM

Goody Cole's BBQ Exeter & Brentwood NH

Read a review of this place in todays Union Leader. Love BBQ and it sounds pretty good. Any comments from the hounds?

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  1. Went to the one in Exeter a few months back. It’s ok, for the area, but we weren’t terribly impressed. I was looking for the Texas Hot links, but was told they no longer carry those, so I opted for a brisket sandwich. I cannot recall exactly what I didn’t like about it, but I think it wasn’t smoky enough, dry, no sauce, (Texas style) and a bit fatty. Again, I’m a big BBQ fanatic and I’m really picky, so I would say still give it a try.

    The building, itself, was pretty cool. I think it was built out of an old barn.

    Also, the counter service there was very polite and helpful.

    I would like to try the Down'N Dirty Bar-B-Q in Manchester and give that a go. Have you been there??

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      Yes many times before it was sold. It was great in the days gone by, but I have not been since. We tried KC and really hated it. We had the sampler plate and it was awful. We have never gone back thou people seem to love it. Have you ever been and what do you think? Hubby got hooked on the doing it him self ( and does it pretty darn well too ) but sometimes ( like all food that takes this amount of time ) cravings need to be entrusted to the profesionals.

    2. I've been to Goody Coles twice and liked it a lot. Being Texas style, it's not sauce-centric. The brisket and dry-rub ribs I had were very good. Juicy and enough flavor in the meat to not need the sauce. Not super smoky but undoubtedly smoked. Pulled pork was very good one time, just OK another time.

      In Manchester, I prefer KC's Rib Shack to Down 'n' Dirty. Only been to each one once though. Meats at D&D tasted grilled.

      1. I remember reading here that Down & Dirty only does catering now.

        1. I went to the one in Brentwood last weekend and thought the sides were great, especially the beans. However, the pulled pork leaves a lot to be desired; it was so fatty that it was almost inedible. Also, the town has an ordinance about only seating for so many so we were short one chair. Bizarre. I'm do barbecue a lot especially in the south and this leaves a lot to be desired. On a positive note, however, the cornbread is excellent.