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Sep 13, 2006 02:05 PM

Brooklyn Deli -- Rockville MD

Stephanie Sedgwick (?) wrote a short piece on this place in this morning's Post "Worth The Trip" area of the Food Section.

She claims they put out quite a Corned Beef on Rye ($7.99). Anyone been? As good as she claims? Other items to recommend?

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  1. As good as it might be, I doubt it would top Deli City's corned beef, or roast beef for that matter. Both are so juicy and tender they could be eaten by my toothless grandma. And it's a $1.50 cheaper than Brooklyn's.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      Thank you. I've been to Deli City, and it is good. But it is probably 50 minutes from my office in Potomac, MD and Brooklyn's is probably 5 minutes.

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        Another drawback to Deli City is that it's only open Mon-Fri, and it's location isn't too convenient for suburbia. I hope to check it out one day as everyone says it's the best.

        Hopefully, when I check out Brooklyn's on a convenient Saturday or Sunday, I won't get scroogied as unicorn633 did.



      2. The food is great however the attitude is as bad as it gets. My husband and I would never go back. The "manager" is barely out of his twenties and is a complete ****. My husband ordered a waffle one Sunday, after my two egg breakfast had already been delivered(and I as the nice wife waited twenty minutes while my meal got cold)the waitress came to let us know that the chef had broken the waffle machine because he had burned two waffles. At this point my husband ordered the french toast and I started to eat my breakfast(cold at this point). Needless to stay 1/2 an hour later my husbands french toast had never come out. We had repeatedly asked our waitress where the food was and she constantly checked. By this point she even sent the "manager" over. Instead of offering to do something like comping my five dollar meal he continually said "really now" and "really now" when my husband explained the situation to him. He then proceeded to take the check in front of us and ring it up at the register. My husband was already out the door. I told him he was crazy if he thought we were paying for anything and handed the waitress her tip.

        Please do not frequent this restaurant. We have enough bad service in Montgomery County already.

        1. and where is Deli City??

          1. Deli City is at 2200 Bladensburg Road NE. If you take westbound New York Avenue into the city, hang a right on Bladensburg, go under the railroad tracks and it's two blocks on the left.


            1. Is Brooklyn Deli in Traville plaza (used to be Deli Nosh)?

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                I don't know if it used to be Deli Nosh, but it is in a shopping plaza called Traville Square, a couple of blocks from the hospital.

                I went last week for lunch. Corned beef and pastrami were very good, though not GREAT. The pastrami could have used a tiny bit more flavor, and the corned beef was sliced a bit too thin and a little lean.

                But the bread was the best rye I've had in the area, by a mile.

                I can't compare to Deli City, as they're not open any hours I can get there. But I've been to probably every NY-style deli in the DC burbs, and this is the one I'd probably come back to most often.

                I thought the service, while a bit slow, was very friendly. The waitress was obviously overworked, as this was the day after the Post blurb. But she was attentive as could be expected, and very friendly and apologetic about the slow kitchen.

                1. re: DanielK

                  Have you tried Celebrity Delly in Cabin John plaza? I've always had good sandwiches there.

                  7913 Tuckerman La.
                  Potomac, MD

                  1. re: wookyluvr

                    Celebrity Delly has been my go-to for years, because it's 5 minutes from my house. In fact I went there last week, and had a truly AWFUL meal - I mean zero star awful. To be fair, I didn't order a deli sandwich, I ordered an entree off the menu.

                    From signage, it looks like they might have recently changed ownership. I'm going to wait a few weeks, and try again (this time getting a CB sandwich) and will report back.

                    1. re: DanielK

                      Oh no, don't order an entree at Celebrity Deli!!! Certain to be horrible. I find it hard to veer from the chopped liver sandwich.

                  2. re: DanielK

                    I've also tried most of the NY-style delis on both sides of the Potomac (Krupins, Celebritys in MD/VA, Parkway, Loeb's, Chutzpah). Baltimore still has us beat with Big Jim's or Attman's for style and flavor. Chutzpah is a decent deli with all the standards. Problem is, most of what we get down here is either grocerystore grade meat sliced too thin or they use a lean corned beef or both.

                    Which is why, if you want GREAT fatty, slow-roasted, thickly sliced corned beef or roast beef in DC, you have to get off work early and make the pilgrimage to Deli City. There's just no comparison. Your first bite will be like having kobe steak when all you've eaten your entire life is horse manure.

                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                      That's a great comparison. Is Deli City korean owned?

                      1. re: Chownut

                        The owner is the guy roasting the meat and making the sandwiches and he looks about as Korean as Emeril (i.e., not at all). His mother, a nice bluehaired old lady, runs the cash register, and she has a sort of Middle European/Russian accent.