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Any possibility of Peruvian sushi in Toronto

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Curious to know if there are any Peruvian sushi places in Toronto - the combination of sushi with Peruvian ingredients. LA has several now and it's been awhile since I've partaken of this delightful twist on sushi.

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  1. I've been to Peru and I have no idea what you mean. Ceviche yes, sushi I didn't see there. Can you explain what this is, sounds interesting!

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      I'm guessing the OP is referring to the Sushi Samba chain that has multiple outposts in NYC and Chicago and maybe LA? They actually serve pretty traditional maki and nigiri, but also have many Peruvian and South American specialties that are unrelated to sushi. mattmend, please let us know if that's what you're talking about! If so, there is nothing equivalent in Toronto.

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        IIRC, the Harbord Cafe does good ceviche. Or did, about five years ago!

      2. No- from what I've seen/researched there is nothing quite like that in the city. OP is referring to Nikkei- an amalgam of Peruvian Japanese food that goes beyond sushi. We're not as lucky as some big US cities to have that or real Chifa (Chinese Peruvian food) here in Toronto (not sure if anywhere in Canada has any actually- if you know of any- let me know por favor). I spent 7 weeks working in the Peruvian Andes and on a pit-stop to Lima has the most tremendous Chifa- it was a blast!

        1. Are you thinking maybe of correditas? I think that's the word for the thin-sliced raw fish preparations that are popular in Peru. I think Gaston Acurio's Ceviche book (#1 in a series of 10 or 11) has a few recipes. Either way, no luck for you in Toronto, alas. El Bodegón will deliver great ceviche, but there are no Peruvian-Japanese places for sushi, nor any specialty Chifa places (although Bodegón does make arroz chaufa).

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            Off topic, but El Bodegon actually makes one of the best won ton soups in the city... :)

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              Correction: correditas = tiradito. You can find a recipe here: http://www.theperuguide.com/gastronom...

            2. Somewhat OT, but a link to a culinary history of Peru:


              1. Nobu in NYC is also a nice exmaple of Peruvian/Sushi

                ...there are a few other examples in NYC of the japan/peru fusion (not just sushi), but I haven't found this in T.O.