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Sep 13, 2006 01:50 PM

Atlantic Antic

This is something I have always wanted to attend, especially because of the great reviews posted on this board.

My biggest question is this: Will I have access to the tastiest morsels if I can't get to the Antic until 4ish? And, if so, what can't be missed?

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  1. From my experience, things will definitely be winding down by then, and probably some places will be emptied out. But if you can, don't miss the fab grilled fresh sardines sold by La Mancha (the spanish restaurant near Henry St, on the N. side of the street) or the Baptist church ladies' sweet-potato pies, over near 3rd Ave. Enjoy!

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      1. re: libraryhound

        I think it officially starts at about 11 AM, but don't expect many of the food stands to be ready to serve before noon or 12:30

        1. re: libraryhound

          The "official" hours are 10am>>6pm.

      2. If you get extra-lucky, you might score a big bacalaito (cod fritter) at the Spanish church garden on (IIRC) Hoyt Street. (Someone correct me if I'm off by a block).

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        1. re: Mike R.

          It's between Hoyt and Bond, on the north side of the street, much closer to Bond than Hoyt. And yes, the bacalaitos are fantastic.

          And the schwarma at Oriental Grocery, served on a vintage 1930s spit, is also fantastic. Same with Sahadi's falafel.

        2. Let's not forget that dessert course: STEVE'S KEY LIME PIE or his Chocolate-Covered lime pie disc-thing...served from the old 1940's Chevy truck...usually parked in the Clinton Street / Henry Street area, north side of Atlantic.