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Sep 13, 2006 01:43 PM

Artisanal Coffee in DC?

Interesting article about the artisanal coffee movement in New York in today's New York Times:

Apparently, one of the keys to this style of brewing is a commercial espresso machine called the Cyncra made by a small Seattle company named Synesso. It allows the barista greater control over the brewing process.

Does anyone know if one of these machines has made it to D.C. or the surrounding environs? It seems there are only 5 in all of New York State, so the odds are probably low. After reading the descriptions and seeing the pictures of the artisanal coffee, I just have to try a cup.

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  1. You might try Murky Coffee, which has branches in Arlington and Capitol Hill. Excellent coffee, and the whole place seems like the places mentioned in the NYT article.

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      I'm not a big fan of Murky Coffee. Their coffee is usually too bitter and luke warm. Sure, its' pretty, but that's not enough. Not pretty, but very good is the coffee at Mischa's in Alexandria and Swings near the White House (both roast their own beans). Unfortunately, we do not have anything like La Columbe in Philadelphia (perhaps the best place in the country.

    2. For a while Cassatt's in Arlington was making beautiful looking espresso favorite was and still is their mochaccino. However, I feel like they've lost some of their unique touches as they've become more established. Not sure why...maybe because the original New Zealanders (aka "Kiwi's") who opened the place are no longer there...sad! :( I even took a photo of the top of my mochaccino because it looked as pretty as the beverages in the NY Times article. (there is even a photo of a bev at the top of the homepage that looks just like the one from the article


      The Java Shack also turns out some unique espresso bevs using Lavazza beans.

      Both of these places are worth visiting for a great espresso/cappuccino! They are definitely my top 2 places for coffee in this area.

      1. If you want to see a Synesso Cyncra, go to the web site below for a picture or Murky Coffee in Arlington to see the real thing. They have one there and they're mighty proud of it. They brew a very special coffee, and just like any other "pure" foods, either you like it or you don't. But they love to talk coffee and tech and temperature and pressure and "groups 'n heads" and proportoinal temperature controls.