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Sep 13, 2006 01:29 PM

Re-opening date for Commander's?

Any new news on when Commander's Palace will be re-opening?

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  1. Word is early October

    1. I called them, and they said that they are aiming for the first week of October, date not yet certain. However, they are already taking reservations for October. Already people are starting to book quite heavily!!

      1. I called yesterday and made reservations for Jazz Brunch on October 29 and for lunch on November 3. It was all business as usual!

        1. I was in Galatoire's on Saturday and the bartender there said CP is opening October 1.

          1. From yesterday's New York Times:

            "COMMANDER’S PALACE This New Orleans restaurant was to have celebrated its 125th anniversary last year but instead was closed after being damaged by Hurricane Katrina. It is to reopen on Sunday: 1403 Washington Avenue (Coliseum Street), (504) 899-8221."